About Us

An innovative program involving local community groups: with a vested interest in developing and implementing a plan to combat the use of ice and other drugs within our region.

1.      Our pilot workshop started on the Fraser Coast (Maryborough), in March 2018.   
2.      Workshops are suitable for people 16 to 25 years of age.
Skills gained  from our Workshops include:

o     Small motors 2/4 Stroke

o     Bicycle Mechanics

o     Welding Tig/Mig

o     Fabrication

o     Spray Painting

o     Literacy and Numeracy

 Where can we be found:
 Independent Riders Workshops
 276 Kent Street
 Maryborough, QLD   4650

 Sean: 0408 193750  Workshop Manager
  Kath: 0487 005141  Secretary
  Nigel: 0431 756702  Peer Support