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  • 07 Mar 2019

    Our Purpose

    To develop and provide a positive approach to learning by utilising community Support networks, lived experiences and skills and find positive alternatives for our disengaged youth. To better understand their challenges and acknowledge the achievements they make..


    Located at 276 Kent Street Maryborough, our workshop program provides a safe environment that provides participants a positive alternative to drug and alcohol abuse. The build a bike program built three bikes during its pilot program in 2018 and provided opportunities to four participants who gained employment, one an apprenticeship. As the workshops evolve it is envisaged that additional skills will be made available including basic numeracy and literacy classes and computer literacy.

    An incentive inspired through LDAT (Local Drug Action Team), Independent Riders Workshops have expanded this community initiative with help from Red Cross Australia.  This workshop will be suitable for all age groups and genders and aims to provide a safe environment for participants learn new skills, make new friends and build confidence  <<Read more>>

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    This initiative includes development and running of training programs using local Peer Support resources/lived experiences, as well as growing our community networks and enhancing the abilities of other community initiatives as well as that of our workshops.

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